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Stargate Universe EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Intervention
    Rush devises a risky plan to use radiation from the binary pulsar to force the Lucian Alliance to cede control of Destiny. Meanwhile, a critically injured lieutenant Johansen dreams of a rustic life with her baby.

  • Aftermath
    Rush has Destiny stop at a planet that was locked out of the ship's controls when food and water become scarce, and the Lucian prisoners become an issue.

  • Awakening
    Destiny docks with a similar ship that is identified as a seeder of stargates. Lt. Scott boards the vessel with a team and finds that it may have enough power to open a stargate back to Earth.

  • Pathogen
    Chloe behaves in a bizarre way, prompting a search of her quarters, where Lt. Scott finds a journal penned in an alien language. Elsewhere, Eli copes with his mother's medical condition.

  • Cloverdale
    Lieutenant Matthew Scott awakens to be pleasantly arriving home sweet home in Cloverdale, only to awaken once again in a manner unexpected and realize he's been infected by an alien organism and the rest of the team is frantically trying to figure out how to save him.

  • Trial And Error
    Colonel Young and Tamara get personal. As they discuss whether or not to keep Chloe and Lieutentant Scott in isolation due to their blood tests the topic of conversation shifts focus as Colonel Young tells Tamara his wife wants a divorce. Tamara tries to provide comfort but doesnThe Chicago Codet exactly have the words. Will she find the right response or allow her actions to speak louder than words?

  • The Greater Good
    Camile Wray goes to question the person they're holding to see if she can reach their contacts on Earth through communication stones. The one in holding clearly has something up her sleeve and isn't telling Camile all there is to know.

  • Malice
    Nicholas Rush goes to check on Dr. Perry in Ginn's quarters. To his surprise he finds her on the ground and potentially dead. He calls for back-up quickly. Will he and the team be able to help her, or is it too late?

  • Visitation
    Crew members who were left behind on an idyllic planet resurface amid strange circumstances, and Chloe prepares for the next stage of her life.

  • Resurgence
    The Destiny follows a remote energy signature to an area of space strewn with destroyed ships that are initially believed to be the remnants of an ancient battle. Elsewhere, Eli grapples with how he's going to tell his mother what really happened to him.

  • Deliverance
    Dr. Rush checks on the team as they try to run a bypass through a section of the Destiny to boost power. Slow and steady seemed to be the right road until they pushed a little too far and the plan backfires. The team tries to assure Rush that it's just going to take more time.

  • Twin Destinies
    Dr. Rush sees the shipmates have assembled without him knowing to discuss what Eli is doing with the communication stones. Rush assures them that Eli is not an astrophysicist and that the mathematics are beyond comprehension when incorporating the pressures involved within a star. Camile is clearly trying to defend Eli's abilities while Colonel Telford is proclaiming Rush is just nuts. Rush requests the opportunity to brief the ship on why he says he has no option by to stay aboard while the rest all say they have no option but to leave. Colonel Young gives him the chance and appears to be standing alongside Rush to both Camile's and Telford's surprise.

  • Alliances
    Senator Michaels and Dr. Andrew Covel visit Destiny to analyze Rush's data; an alien ship crashes into Homeworld Command, endangering Greer and Wray.

  • Hope
    Ginn resurfaces in Chloe via the communication stones, creating a dilemma for Eli and Rush to solve; Greer becomes a kidney donor after Tamara diagnoses Volker with end-stage renal disease.

  • Seizure
    Eli tries to express why his mathematical formulas and how he arrives at his solutions are correct, with a smug confidence through his young demeanor. It is clearly trusted by Colonel Young, and he simply wants to move forward after receiving word from Eli. Back at Homeworld Command, Young explains that the Lucian Alliance will no longer have the opportunity to attack the Destiny. He calmly states that it would be by providing a peace offering.

  • The Hunt
    Greer and Scott explain why space deer might just end their momentary status as a vegetarian for the past 10 months. The hunger causes them to set out in the forest and take down their next meal. Greer momentarily loses focus on the kill and the deer are spooked away. Knowing all they have is time they get up and set out on foot after them until the deer leap from the shrubs, letting out ferocious groans, and the prey suddenly becomes the predator.

  • Common Descent
    Attacking drones return when the Destiny tries to recharge in a star. Eli proposes a risky alternative, which requires the rest of the crew to gate to a nearby planet for safety, where they find an abandoned city.

  • Epilogue
    Destiny reaches an abandoned modern civilization on a planet in the throes of seismic destruction. While the crew retrieves valuable data archives stored underground, Rush discovers a possible way to help the planet's survivors.

  • Blockade
    A swarm of drones are in pursuit of the Destiny and quickly approaching. The team couldn't see them on their radar when they popped up from behind a planet. They are trying to reach a star but they also need to refuel.

  • Gauntlet
    Eli and Rush think they've found a way to control the drones so that the Destiny can navigate to other planets to re-supply and ultimately reach the end of the galaxy. As Eli begins to break down the findings for the Colonel it is revealed that the drones are literally waiting at every gate between their current location and the edge of the galaxy.
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