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Strange World EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    After earning his medical and post-doctoral degrees from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Paul Turner climbed quickly through the Army ranks, rising to the position of Captain with USAMRIID, the US Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. It was during his tenure with USAMRIID that Turner served in the Persian Gulf war, where a sneak attack from an Iraqi soldier left Turner exposed to an unknown biological agent. Turner spent the next six years of his life struggling against Gulf War Syndrome and against the Army's reluctance to accept responsibility for the countless veterans suffering from it. Despite the best efforts of Sydney MacMillan, his doctor at the VA, Turner lingered dangerously close to death... until a mysterious Japanese Woman visited Turner in the hospital and provided him with a serum that sent his illness (aplastic anemia)into instantaneous remission. She saved him then and she continues to provide him with the needed serum to keep the disease in remission. She has a hidden agenda and needs Turner to help her accomplish certain goals.

  • Lullaby
    Turner discovers that the Japanese Woman's superiors are using pregnant girl (Monet Mazur) in Sydney's care as a pawn in a bizarre case of surrogacy.

  • Azrael's Breed
    Turner assists the Baltimore PD in tracking down a couple (Robert Knepper, Missy Crider) who get their thrills from brain tissue stolen from corpses.

  • Spirit Falls
    Turner uncovers a secret hidden behind the mass suicide of a reclusive community - and tests the loyalty of the Japanese Woman at the same time.

  • The Devil Still Holds My Hand
    Turner's investigation of a possible viral outbreak leads him to a reunion with a former mentor whose antagonism of the Army matches Turner's own.

  • Skin
    When Sydney is blamed for the death of a patient, she takes it upon herself to discover the real cause of his death and winds up stumbling onto a secret experiment instead.

  • Man Plus
    Reese (Turner's boss) assigns Turner his first case when a prominent pianist's death is linked to a mysterious implant in his brain.

  • Rage
    A series of unmotivated road rage incidents convinces Turner that some external force is causing the seemingly irrational violence.

  • Aerobe
    When a Gulf War vet asks Turner's help in clearing his name, Turner flexes USAMRIID's muscle to stop an insidious cover-up at a nuclear plant.

  • Eliza
    A series of apparent I-War attacks hit Washington, D.C., prompting Turner to join a Department of Defense team in tracking down the source of the attacks.

  • Down Came The Rain
    An ancient Native American ritual, a rare blood disease and an undiscovered species all come into play when Turner investigates a series of deaths in a Seattle high rise.

  • Food
    Turner's vacation turns into work when a man's death is linked to his genetically engineered crop.
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