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The Tick EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot A renegade Russian robot named Red Scare goes on a rampage, targeting former President Jimmy Carter.

  • The Funeral When The Tick comes face-to-face with death he doesn't understand it and wants some answers about it.

  • Couples When Arthur and The Tick meet several of the other local superhero teams he learns that being a sidekick is little more than just looking after the superhero and posing for pictures.

  • The License The law requires all superheroes have a license and tell the government who their secret identity is, but The Tick has problems when he doesn't have a either a secret identity or a license.

  • Arthur Needs His Space The lady upon whom Arthur has had a crush since high school is interested in him now that he's a superhero, but he can't get rid of The Tick long enough to date her.

  • The Big Leagues Tempers flare when The Tick and Arthur join The Legion Of Superheroes, but Batmanuel and Captain Liberty are turned down.

  • The Terror An evil villan named The Terror shows up after The Tick calls him out and he collapses with a heart attack while fighting The Tick.

  • Arthur, Interrupted When Arthur tells his family he is a superhero they have him committed, but when they tell The Tick what they've done he Captain Liberty, Batmanuel and Dot rescue him.

  • The Tick vs Justice A villain is being tried for his crimes of the last thirty years and Arthur and The Tick are testifying against him.
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