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Star Trek

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Tracker EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot
    An Alien comes to to Earth to track 200 fugitives from his planet who have taken over Earthly Bodies.In The Opener,Cole adjusts to his new human body while chasing a brutal alien who is killing anyone who gets in her way.

  • Cloud Nine
    Cole tracks an Enixian drug dealer who's peddling a form of alien ecstasy that has deadly side effects for humans.

  • Roswell
    Using the lifeforce of a telepathic alien he has captured, Cole tracks the alien's brother to Roswell, NM.

  • Trust
    An alien con man asks for Cole's help after he unknowingly takes over the body of a kidnapper and mistakenly gives ransom money to Zin instead of the criminal's partners.

  • The Plague
    An alien is spreading a deadly disease to women through seduction, his only outlet for a buildup of a toxic substance inside him---and Mel is personally involved.

  • The Beast
    A dog is taken over by Zin's bodyguard, who uses the form to kill people who get in his Zin's way, and Cole tracks down the dog and learns he can shapeshift.
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