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Twilight Zone EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Evergreen
    The tale of a rebellious teen (Amber Tamblyn) whose family tries to straighten her out by moving to a conservative gated community.

  • One Night At Mercy
    Jason Alexander stars as a hospital patient who believes he is Death - and who has decided to quit his grim job.

  • Shades Of Guilt
    Matt (Vincent Ventresca) undergoes an unusual transformation after ignoring a black man's (Hill Harper) plight.

  • Dream Lover
    A writer (Adrian Pasdar) breathes life into his fantasy woman (Shannon Elizabeth).

  • Cradle Of Darkness
    A time traveler (Katherine Heigl) is sent to kill the infant Adolf Hitler.

  • The Night Route
    A woman (Ione Skye) is stalked by a phantom bus.

  • Time Lapse
    A hospital orderly (Ethan Embry) loses control of his life to a series of mysterious blackouts.

  • Dead Man's Eyes
    A widow (Portia de Rossi) gets a unique perspective on her husband's murder by looking through his eyeglasses.

  • The Pool Guy
    A pool cleaner (Lou Diamond Phillips) loses the ability to tell his dreams from reality.

  • Azoth The Avenger Is A Friend Of Mine
    An adolescent (Rory Culkin) looks to his comic-book hero for protection.

  • The Linesman
    When a telephone linesman (Jeremy Piven) is struck by lightning, he receives mysterious, extraordinary powers - at a price.

  • Harsh Mistress
    A guitar once owned by his deceased hero brings fame to a guitarist (Lukas Haas), along with unimaginable consequences.

  • Upgrade
    A depressed wife (Susanna Thompson) fantasizes about having the perfect family.

  • To Protect And Serve
    A rookie cop (Usher Raymond) is involved in a standoff with a pimp who's threatening one of his girls.

  • Chosen
    An unemployed man (Jake Busey) is "chosen" by a couple he thinks are evangelists.

  • Sensuous Cindy
    An engaged photo editor indulges in a virtual-sex computer program whose star (Jaime Pressly) is closer to the real thing than expected.

  • Hunted
    In a futuristic society, a Civil Security Guardsman (Scott Bairstow) and his team are sent to hunt down a creature that's been attacking hikers.

  • Mr. Motivation
    An underappreciated employee (Wallace Langham) gets a gag gift from his boss that promises to solve his problems.

  • Sanctuary
    Two busy, successful people (Rob Estes, Elizabeth Berkley) find unlikely sanctuary from the stresses and strains of modern life.

  • Future Trade
    A hardware salesman (Frank Whaley) gets a chance to trade his future for a stranger's.

  • Found And Lost
    A coffee magnate (Brian Austin Green) rethinks his materialistic approach to life.

  • Gabe's Story
    A man (Christopher Titus) sees conspiracy in the consistently bad breaks he's been getting.

  • The Last Lap
    A street race has unexpected consequences for a driver (Greg Serano) and his passenger (Clifton Collins Jr.).

  • The Path
    A dissatisfied tabloid writer puts her future in the hands of a fortune-teller (Method Man).

  • Fair Warning
    A flower-shop girl (Taryn Manning) is stalked by a pet-store clerk (Preston Cook).

  • Another Life
    A hip-hop artist (Wood Harris) hallucinates that he is accused of killing a cop.

  • Rewind
    A compulsive gambler (Eddie Kaye Thomas) finds a device that gives him an edge.

  • Into The Light
    A teacher (Samantha Mathis) thinks she sees a light around people who are soon going to die.

  • Tagged
    A "tagger" (Todd Williams) is initiated into a gang but is counseled to go straight by an ex-gang member (Paul Rodriguez).

  • It's Still A Good Life
    A man (Bill Mumy) who can make people vanish with his mind learns that his daughter is developing the same power.

  • The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
    Andrew McCarthy plays a man whose neighborhood erupts into chaos and paranoia after a breakdown in communication with the outside world.

  • Memphis
    Eriq La Salle (who wrote and directed) stars as a man who can change his future by visiting the past.

  • How Much Do You Love Your Kid?
    A woman (Bonnie Somerville) competes on a new reality-game show for high stakes.

  • Placebo Effect
    A hypochondriac (Jeffrey Combs) may actually have a disease of extraterrestrial origin.

  • Cold Fusion
    An infinite power source causes strife between its creator (Ian McShane) and a physicist (Sean Patrick Flanery).

  • The Pharoah's Curse
    A legendary magician (Xander Berkeley) shares his most famous trick with a young colleague (Shawn Hatosy).

  • The Collection
    A babysitter (Jessica Simpson) learns the secret of her charge's doll collection.

  • Eye Of The Beholder
    A woman (Molly Sims) is desperate to look "normal" in a remake of a classic Rod Serling-penned 1960 episode.

  • Developing
    A photographer (Robin Tunney) finds mysterious pictures of her dead husband that seem to have a message for her.

  • The Executions Of Grady Finch
    A death-row inmate (Jeremy Sisto) is granted a new trial after three botched execution attempts.

  • Homecoming
    A military officer (Gil Bellows) tries to make amends with his wayward son.

  • Sunrise
    Five college seniors find a powerful Aztec relic.

  • Burned
    A businessman (Jason Bateman) is haunted by children killed in a fire he paid to have set.
    • The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series
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