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Twilight Zone EpisodesSeason 5    

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  • In Praise Of Pip
    An alcoholic bookie receives a telegram from the army, stating that his son is dying in Vietnam, after being shot for helping another kid keep out of trouble by taking on his hood boss. The man asks God to be able to see his son one more time before he dies. He receives a visit from his son, but as the little boy he remembers that loved amusement parks. The night takes on magic as he gets to do all the things he meant to do when he was young, but then things turn strange and Pip runs off and he finds him in a mirrored funhouse. There he apologizes for himself, but Pip tells him he has to go because he is dying. Pip disappears and the man offers his life to God instead of Pip. The man dies alone in the middle of the street. Later Pip shows up at the amusement park with a cane in remembrance of his father.
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