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UFO Hunters EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The UFO Before Roswell
    Six "doughnut-shaped aircraft" were spotted off the coast of Maury Island, WA one week before the reported UFO crash in Roswell, NM. Harold Dahl and his son witnessed the aircraft dancing in unknown form and one spewing white-hot fragments over the water and beach. The falling debris killed Dahl's dog. The military was informed and two Air Force intelligence officers arrived in Tacoma, conducted interviews and collected the remaining wreckage. The officers departed from McCord Field but their plane lost communication and crashed near the town of Kelso. Now the team has located the crash scene and together with an archeologist, will scour the debris field and analyze the evidence.

  • Abductions
    Alien abduction is a common and highly documented phenomenon; proof of alien abduction in the form of objects implanted in people's bodies is not. This episode chronicles several close encounters with alien abductees who have been held captive, probed, examined and had objects implanted in their bodies. For the first time, viewers can observe surgery that removed an alien implant from an abductee's body. With the help of accredited doctors and scientists, the team will examine this object and if possible, determine its origin and composition to reveal just exactly what happened.

  • Crash And Retrieval
    In 1947 an unknown object approaching US air space at great speed and a civilian craft out of El Paso were heading towards each other when they disappeared from radar. At the crash site near Coyame, the Mexican government beat the U.S. to the scene and loaded the wrecked UFO onto a flatbed truck. When the U.S. military arrived the Mexican convoy was found ambushed and the military personnel killed. The UFO craft was taken by the U.S. military to an unknown location. The team goes to Mexico in search of the plane crash site where they hope to recover evidence. Then in August of 2007, in the Mexican towns of Ciudad de Valles and Xilitla, reports of "a silver object falling from the sky," and "a fireball coming down over a tree," were called into the Center for Control. The team will interview the witnesses who have collected evidence, including an officer who risked his career to tell the story, and visit sites where the area has been burned.

  • Military And UFOs
    In 1956, an object was detected over the North Sea heading toward Bentwaters RAF base - a base with nuclear weapons. Two Venom fighters made contact with the object, but their weapons and electrical systems were rendered useless. Both ground crew and base radar witnessed the event. In January 1980, British and American soldiers stationed at NATO/RAF bases near Rendlesham Forest observed a mysterious object in the sky. Listen to a dramatic audio recording of the event made by USAF Colonel Charles Halt. Was there a cover-up about these events involving the military and intelligence agencies? Former British Minister of Defense spokesman Nick Pope will provide the British government's response. Hear eyewitness accounts and see footage that has never been seen on television that piece together compelling evidence of UFO phenomena.

  • Cops vs. UFOs
    UFOs sightings are more common among police offices than you might believe and many have witnessed things they can't explain. Travel the U.S. and abroad to hear first hand accounts from seasoned, decorated police officers who have had unbelievable, but substantiated UFO encounters. Follow a team from UFO Magazine as they open their files and investigate UFO cases around the world.

  • Reverse Engineering
    Reverse engineering is a common practice used by private industry and the government as a means to keep up with or surpass the competition. Has the US military derived various forms of technology, including stealth technology, from downed UFO's? Are we competing with extra-terrestrial beings using their downed craft as the genesis for advances in modern technology? Follow a team from UFO magazine as they investigate the possibility that the technology providing us with fiber optics, night vision and the microchip, just to name a few, were derived from wreckage obtained from Roswell and other UFO crash sites.

  • UFO Vortexes
    There are locations all over the globe, like the Bermuda Triangle, where the Earth's energies result in a preponderance of mysterious activity. The team travels to Sedona, Arizona, long known for strange phenomena, to interview witnesses to unexplained sightings of lights and objects in the skies. Here they explore the concept of vortexes, which are places on the Earth's surface where lines of energy meet. They link these spots to the Sedona sightings and other incidents, like the Hudson Valley UFO flap of the 1980s. Later, Tim and Jeff consult an astrophysicist who suggests that inter-dimensional travel via Vortexes may be entirely possible under Einstein's Theory of Relativity.

  • Alien Contact
    For years, people have claimed to have had direct, personal contact with an alien. In this episode of our series, the team tracks down several people who claim to have had such contact. They'll also work along side medical and scientific professionals to try and discover what, if anything, really happed to these people.

  • 2008 Texas UFO
    The team is hot on the trail of a case that just happened, one that had the whole country talking just weeks ago. In December 2007, people begin seeing UFOs in the skies ninety miles from Dallas, Texas. Within a month, the reports had increased ten-fold. The UFO Hunters travel to Stephenville, Texas to investigate the strange lights in the sky. They meet witnesses never interviewed for TV, analyze strange footage shot by people all over Texas, and come to an incredible conclusion.

  • UFO Dogfights
    On May 9, 1980, at the Mariano Melgar air base in Peru, radar picked up a UFO at the end of the runway and at a height of 1,800 feet. One of the air base's fighter pilots took off to intercept the object, engaging in an aerial game of chicken with the unknown object for over 18 minutes until lack of fuel caused him to return to the base. The team examines a declassified US Department of Defense report which analyzed this encounter, and interviews the pilot to get his complete story. And, on September 19, 1976, a UFO was seen by witnesses and picked up on radar above the skies of Teheran, Iran. The Iranian Air Force scrambled two F-4 Phantom jets. General Parviz Jafari, squadron leader and one of the F-4 pilots involved in the incident, explains how he pursued the object, got a radar lock and as he prepared to fire his AIM 9 missiles, something from the object shot out and disabled his weapons system, his compass and his radio.

  • Code Red
    How would the military respond if UFOs suddenly invaded restricted U.S. airspace? It allegedly happened, and the team gets a rare interview with the Military Air Traffic Controller who was there, and uncovers remastered audio tapes and radar imaging that reconstructs a shocking, little known series of events over the southwest United States.

  • The NASA Files
    NASA has been exploring space for decades, and there are persistent reports that the agency has uncovered surprising information about UFOs. The team speaks with former astronauts, employees and engineers, and delves into NASA videos to see if the space agency knows more than it is letting on.
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