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Star Trek

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V: The Series EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Sanction
    Diana sends Sean into a youth core group, managed by a killer named Klaus, to turn him into a killer and draw out Donovan. Donovan attempts to rescue Sean, even though he knows its a trap. Elizabeth goes out against orders on a joyride with Kyle and spots her mother Robin. Donovan believes Sean is cooperating with the Visitors because he is being drugged, but slowly comes to realize that Sean is being brainwashed. Klaus shows up to kill Donovan, but Donovan escapes. Sean goes back to the Visitor center, but Donovan and Ham show up to rescue him again. Donovan fights Klaus while Sean watches to see who the victor will be. After Donovan defeats Klaus, Sean picks up the gun to kill his father, but finds he can't. He runs out and chooses Diana instead. Elizabeth comes home and is reunited with her mother.

  • Visitor's Choice
    The resistance gets wind of a visitor food processing plant that has a lot of high ranking visitors present to check out a new process for preserving humans as food. Donovan and Julie go to check it out and shut it down. Meanwhile Nathan Bates clamps down on L.A. and Ham and Kyle go to relieve the city of some of their munitions, but Kyle is captured. After Nathan sends Chang to teach Kyle some respect, Elizabeth shows up and makes it possible for Kyle to escape, while the resistance rescues the humans meant for dinner.

  • The Dissident
    Diana makes a deal with Nathan Batex and puts a force field around L.A. The resistance sneaks on board the mothership to kidnap the force field's inventor. This inventor is the person responsible for creating most of the Visitor's weaponry, but he is also a devout pacifist and a revered individual on the Visitor's home world. Diana dislikes the inventor and plans to torture him in the conversion process, but Donovan and Ham rescue him before Diana is finished. Robin tells Elizabeth that she is in love with Kyle, and Elizabeth stows away in Kyle's truck so she can tell him her mother is in love with him and that she loves him too but she will step aside for mother. But Kyle tells her that he loves Elizabeth and not Robin. Julie finds out Nathan has a safe corridor in the force field and tries to get his code to access it, to help Donovan and his group to get to safety. Kyle is sent to find Donovan's group to lead them to the corridor and finds them with Elizabeth's help. The inventor recognizes Elizabeth, even though he is blind, by the mark of Zon on her hand. Julie trips an alarm on purpose in order to gain entrance to the lab with the force field equipment, but she is discovered. Willie intervenes and Julie kills the Visitor and opens the corridor. Elizabeth is told to run away with the inventor, who tells her that she will one day be contacted by Aman the high priest of Zon and that he wants to atone for the atrocities he has created. He destroys the force field and sacrifices his life. After the force field is destroyed, Lydia takes off with a shuttle with intention of telling the leader of Diana's failures, but Diana has the shuttle destroyed.

  • The Conversion
    Ham and Kyle are captured during a raid on the Visitors and taken to the mothership. A ship carrying Charles, the leader's special envoy, shows up to spoil Diana's plans by taking over her command. It seems that Lydia was not killed in the shuttle that Diana destroyed in the episode "The Dissident" and managed to make it to the leader to tell of Diana's many failures. Charles, who thinks very much of himself, has brought a new conversion method along that he intends using on the recently captured resistance members. He hopes that he can get them to kill Donovan by having Donovan take his wife and child. The resistance captures Lydia to find out where Ham and Kyle are being held. After Charles finds out who kidnapped Lydia, he makes arrangements with Bates to make an exchange with the resistance. After they tell Bates his son is one of the hostages to be exchanged, and also an example of Charles control of Ham, he agrees. Kyle escapes his imprisonment on the mothership but is recaptured and the resistance liberates Ham. Elizabeth senses that something is wrong with Ham, but keeps it to herself. In a transmission by the Visitors, Kyle professes his love for Elizabeth and the resistance believes they have a way to turn the tables on the exchange, not realizing the Visitor's true plans. The exchange proceeds and Bates lets Kyle know that trouble may be coming and to be prepared. Bates starts the trigger catch phrase to get Ham to shoot Donovan, but his aim is spoiled by the Starchild's powers and Nathan Bate is shot instead. Kyle is devastated even though they never got along and Julie tries to save his life bug realizes he is just wounded amidst the warzone and everyone else escapes.
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