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Warehouse 13 EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Pilot, Parts 1 & 2
    A presidential visit to a museum puts two secret service agents on opposite sides of the action, resulting in an encounter with the mysterious Mrs. Frederick and their transfer to a top-secret facility in South Dakota.

  • Resonance
    A string of bank robberies in Chicago put Pete and Myka on the search for a very soothing song while Artie probes the security breach in Warehouse 13.

  • Magnetism
    Pete and Myka seek a mind-altering artifact in upstate New York while Artie probes the strange energy surges plaguing Warehouse 13.

  • Claudia
    Artie gets kidnapped by the source of the warehouse's security breach, Claudia Donovan. She enlists Artie to help right a wrong from their past, in which an experiment involving her brother went awry.

  • Elements
    A thief steals a sculpture with the help of a Native American artifact, and the investigation leads Pete and Myka to discover a sacred place that they deem worthy of protection.

  • Burnout
    A deceased agent's unfinished mission to find an artifact is passed on to Pete and Myka.

  • Implosion
    Pete and Myka return to Washington to intercept a samurai sword that is to be presented to the president, and they discover a competitor for items that belong in the warehouse.

  • Duped
    Pete and Myka go to Las Vegas to fetch an artifact that is helping a couple of gamblers, but the mission goes awry when Myka becomes trapped in a famous author's mirror.

  • Regrets
    Pete and Myka visit a Florida prison to probe a spate of unexplained suicides. Meanwhile, Claudia changes a light bulb with the help of an artifact. Joe Morton.

  • Breakdown
    Artie gets questioned by the Regents and Mrs. Frederic. Meanwhile, Pete, Myka and Claudia become trapped inside Warehouse 13, where a dangerous predicament unfolds.

  • Nevermore
    Myka visits her ailing father and learns that he has half of an artifact once owned by Edgar Allan Poe. Meanwhile, the other half causes problems at a high school in Oregon.

  • MacPherson
    Pete, Myka and Artie track down MacPherson, who is auctioning items he stole from the warehouse.
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