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Legend Of The Seeker EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • The Making Of A Legend
    A behind the scenes look at the making of Legend of the Seeker.

  • Prophecy
    Upon the death of his father Richard seeks answers but instead comes across the mysterious female, Kahlan. Along with Richard's close friend, Zedd, together they reveal a prophecy passed down from thousands of years to Richard, the seeker of truth. They set off on their deadly journey to save Hartland and the mystical worlds beyond.

  • Destiny
    Aided by the wisdom of wizards, Richard pursues Fane in the hope of recovering the Book of Counted Shadows.

  • Bounty
    An evil cartographer sells magical maps that allow bounty hunters and henchmen to track Richard's every move.

  • Brennidon
    Richard finds that the D'Harans have taken over the village in which he was born.

  • Listener
    Richard and Kahlan rescue a young child who can read a person's mind by looking into their eyes.

  • Elixir
    While Richard and Kahlan safeguard a village from dark magic, Zedd is captured by a depraved wizard.

  • Identity
    Visions of the Seeker's death prompt a sorceress named Shota to temporarily exchange Richard's identity with that of a merchant's son.

  • Denna
    Richard is captured by a Mord Sith named Denna, who can manipulate any form of magic directed at her.

  • Puppeteer
    Zedd uses magic to outsmart Darken Rahl and steal the third and final Box of Orden.

  • Sacrifice
    Kahlan disguises herself as a Mord Sith with Richard's help.

  • Confession
    Richard begins to doubt his beliefs while investigating a series of murders among members of the resistance.

  • Home
    A spell is placed on Richard and Kahlan, and Zedd must break it before threatening secrets are revealed.

  • Revenant
    Facts behind the thousand-year legend of heroic ancient Seeker Kieran.

  • Heartland
    After Richard and Kahlen reunite with Chase, whose family has gone missing, the three travel back to Hartland, where they discover that things aren't what they seem.

  • Conversion
    While attempting to rescue Chase's family from captivity, Richard encounters Darken Rahl for the first time.

  • Bloodline
    While trying to keep Box of Orden out of Darken Rahl's hands, Richard learns something new about his ties to Zedd.

  • Deception
    Richard goes undercover and infiltrates a D'Haran camp to save innocent lives after he and Kahlan discover that Darken Rahl has been using dark magic to fight the resistance.

  • Mirror
    Thieves disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan to rob townsfolk, then steal the Sword of Truth so they can sell it to the D'Harans.

  • Cursed
    King Gregor persuades Shota the sorcerer to transform him into a vicious beast at sundown each day so he can protect his realm from the D'Harans. But that viciousness takes an unintended - and tragic - turn, leading to a dilemma for Richard.

  • Sanctuary
    Richard, Kahlan and Zedd race to find a duplicate copy of the Book of Counted Shadows before Darken Rahl gets his hands on it. p>
  • Fever
    Darken Rahl captures Richard's sister Jennsen and poisons her mind against her brother. Meanwhile, Richard, Kahlan and Zedd aid villagers after Rahl unleashes a plague on them. p>
  • Reckoning
    Darken Rahl and his Mord'Sith interrupt Richard and Kahlan as they prepare to unleash the power of Orden, which would destroy the tyrant once and for all.
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