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Legend Of The Seeker EpisodesSeason 2    

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  • Marked
    Richard inadvertently opens an entry to the underworld, unleashing a terrible evil.

  • Baneling
    While seaching for the Stone of Tears, Richard, Kahlan, Zedd and Cara land in a D'Haran prison where the dead return from the underworld to prey on the living.

  • Broken
    Cara goes on trial for past crimes, and finds her fate in Kahlen's hands.

  • Touched
    Kahlan and Richard set out to rescue the only other living Confessor, a mysterious young woman named Annabelle, and try to prevent her from accidentally unleashing her powers.

  • Wizard
    A mysterious spell that strips Zedd of his memory also causes him to believe that he must replace Richard with a new Seeker.

  • Fury
    Richard's attempt to teach a peaceful people how to defend themselves is too successful: it unleashes an uncontrollable rage in them that threatens to consume them and destroy him.

  • Resurrection
    Richard becomes an unwilling pawn in a plot by the Mord'Sith Denna to control the throne left vacant by Darken Rahl's death.

  • Light
    Zedd is captured by the Mord'Sith Denna, and Richard must abandon his mission to rescue him to begin a dangerous life-changing journey.

  • Dark
    Richard is taught to use his wizard powers by the Sisters of the Light; Zedd must name a new Seeker when Sister Nicci reveals a shocking secret.

  • Perdition
    Richard's trapped in the Valley of Perdition and facing his worst fear, and the sorceress Sister Nicci is plotting to murder Kahlan. Meanwhile, Cara's feelings for the Seeker deepen.

  • Torn
    A crisis looms in Kahlan's homeland - just when Kahlan has lost her powers - and Richard soon realizes that the situation is even more dire than it seems.

  • Hunger
    Cara proposes a deadly covenant with the Darken Rahl to protect the Seeker. But a deal that Zedd's wayward brother makes with a shady magic peddler could threaten Rahl's plan.

  • Princess
    Cara reluctantly poses as a princess - then competes in an elaborate masquerade of manners - to win a powerful ruler's affections in order to save Kahlan from execution.

  • Bound
    Sister Nicci casts a powerful spell on Kahlan, linking their fates and forcing Richard to protect Sister Nicci. Meanwhile, Kahlan must confront her past in order to break the spell.

  • Creator
    A woman who says she's the Creator threatens Richard, who must determine who she really is in order to save himself.

  • Desecrated
    The lives of Kahlan, Zedd and Cara are in jeopardy when the Seeker stands between a dark avenger and a group of villagers marked for death.

  • Vengeance
    Zedd and his brother set out to avenge their father's murder; a stranger befriends Richard, setting up a collision between Zedd and Richard.

  • Walter
    Darken Rahl plots his return to life by means of a hapless lookalike. Meanwhile, Richard must find a stolen scroll in order to learn the whereabouts of the Stone of Tears.

  • Extinction
    The risen Darken Rahl risks the Keeper's wrath by discovering the secrets of an ancient scroll, a development that forces the Seeker into an uneasy alliance with his evil brother.

  • Eternity
    Richard and Kahlan discover that the Stone of Tears is hidden in an enchanted land they are unable to leave. Meanwhile, a surprise reunion turns into a deadly confrontation for Cara and Zedd.

  • Unbroken
    When Zedd tries to reverse the dark magic Darken Rahl used to make Cara betray her friends, its spell drastically alters the lives of Richard, Kahlan and everyone else instead.

  • Tears
    Richard encounters his greatest enemy while trying desperately to save the world of the living. And Kahlan might have to kill the man she loves.
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