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Witchblade EpisodesSeason 1    

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  • Parallax Learning to adapt to her companion, the witchblade, and her new partner Jake McCarthy, Sara Pezzini's role in the Rialto Theater incident is questioned during a hostile meeting. Joe Siri announces he is retiring and that his replacement will be Captain Joe Dante. Sara and Jake tangle with Ian Nottingham over a deranged ex-special forces soldier who's out to kill Ken Irons.

  • Conundrum Sara and Jake are caught up in the world of high fashion when a stunning young model is murdered. Sara's connection to the legacy of the witchblade becomes more mysterious when she uncovers a link between her past and the dead model's roommate. As the investigation progresses, Sara's instincts lead her to Kenneth Irons, his ex-lover and owner of a prestigious modeling agency.

  • Diplopia When Sara and Jake investigate the murder of a prominent Soho art dealer, they quickly narrow their search to an artist who turns out to be one of an unknown number of identical brothers connected to the myth of the witchblade. Sara seeks answers about the Witchblade from the incarcerated Dominique Boucher and internet artifacts dealer, Gabriel Bowman.

  • Sacrifice Pezzini is investigating ritual murders, mutilations and druidic sacrifices. She crosses paths with an Irish rock star named Conchobar whose music is mysteriously linked to the crimes.

  • Legion Sara investigates the murder of priest, found killed in his own church. The priest was about to reveal disturbing findings linking the Vatican to "unfathomable evil." The episode pits Sara against a so-called Black Friar, an enforcer of the Vatican. Aiding Pezzini is Father Alyosha Petrosian.

  • Maelstrom True to the Celtic legend of Conchobar and Cathain, Sara races against a ticking clock to save her new love when he's kidnapped and used as bait by an anti-terrorist group intent on arresting his brother for past IRA deed. In the end, the battle for Conchobar's life becomes a battle for the Witchblade.

  • Periculum Sara faces the ultimate Witchblade trial; Jake is recruited into a secret brotherhood of vigilante police officers.

  • Thanatopis A sniper's bullet kills Sarah and Jake's pursuit of an arms dealer, and triggers the discovery of some explosive information.

  • Apprehension Sara is immersed in an investigation surrounding the murder of a pimp when a mysterious package is delivered to her. Her world begins to unravel when clues suggest the enemy may not be who she thought. The only thing she can trust now is the knowing eye of the Witchblade.

  • Convergence On the lam from the NYPD, Sara turns to Jake for help, but is Jake in on the conspiracy against her? Meanwhile, Kenneth Irons struggles to stay alive as he spins out a plot to attain the one gruesome elixir that can save him.

  • Transcendence Jake plays his trump card, but ends up revealing a greater web of conspiracy and puts Sara and her friends in the lethal hands of Kenneth Irons. Now Sara must call upon the untapped powers of the Witchblade to save them all from Irons evil scheme.
    • Witchblade: The Complete Series
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