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DescriptionShow Description    

Night VisionsNight Visions premiered on FOX on July 12, 2001. In the eerie style of The Twilight Zone, this gripping anthology series creeps from horror to psychological drama to supernatural adventure, never letting up until the final bizarre plot twist. Each vignette plays upon basic human fears, but will linger in memory long after the credits roll. From our darkest fears to our most shadowy dreams, Night Visions journeys deep into the human soul and finds thrilling worlds never before imagined. Like mini-movies, each storyline exists as a stand-alone, thought-provoking vignette -- and lingers in the memory long after the final credits roll.

CastShow Cast    
Henry Rollins
EpisodesShow Episodes    
Season 1 (2000-2001)
(26 Episodes In Season 1)
  1. The Passenger List (Original Air Date 7/12/2001)
  2. The Bokor (Original Air Date 7/12/2001)
  3. Dead Air (Original Air Date 7/12/2001)
  4. Renovation (Original Air Date 7/12/2001)
  5. View Through The Window (Original Air Date 7/19/2001)
  6. Quiet Please (Original Air Date 7/19/2001)
  7. Now He's Coming Up The Stairs (Original Air Date 7/26/2001)
  8. Used Car (Original Air Date 7/26/2001)
  9. Rest Stop (Original Air Date 8/2/2001)
  10. Afterlife (Original Air Date 8/2/2001)
  11. If A Tree Falls (Original Air Date 8/9/2001)
  12. The Occupant (Original Air Date 8/9/2001)
  13. Reunion (Original Air Date 8/16/2001)
  14. Neighborhood Watch (Original Air Date 8/16/2001)
  15. Bitter Harvest (Original Air Date 8/23/2001)
  16. My So Called Life And Death (Original Air Date 8/23/2001)
  17. The Doghouse (Original Air Date 8/30/2001)
  18. Still Life (Original Air Date 8/30/2001)
  19. Hate Puppet (Original Air Date 9/6/2001)
  20. Darkness (Original Air Date 9/6/2001)
  21. The Maze (Original Air Date 9/19/2002)
  22. Harmony (Original Air Date 9/19/2002)
  23. Cargo (Original Air Date 9/23/2002)
  24. The Switch (Original Air Date 9/23/2002)
  25. Patterns (Original Air Date 9/24/2002)
  26. Voices (Original Air Date 9/24/2002)
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